Saturday, June 28, 2008

How often should hooves be trimmed?

Weather, the seasons, diet, the health of the horse, what type of work the horse does and the terrain the horse is living or working on, are all factors that can change how fast a horses hoof grows.

Each horse is different and their hooves grow at different speeds (just like your fingernails may grow faster than your best friends') Some horses need a trim every 4 weeks while others may be fine with a trim every 6 - 8 weeks.

Another point to consider is that a horse that has recently foundered may need a trim every 2 weeks.

Consult with a reputable farrier to determine your horses needs, preferably one who is knowledgeable in Natural Hoof Care. Because a horse is almost always on its feet, their hooves are their foundation and of utmost importance to the health of your horse. Get your horse on a regular farrier schedule for a happy, healthy and sound horse.

For more information on natural hoof care, look on this page for links to my favorite sites. I've linked to two of the best in the field: Jaime Jackson (the first natural hoof care practitioner) and Pete Ramey, (a forerunner in the natural hoof care revolution).

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