Saturday, July 13, 2013


Every once in awhile, I get an email asking if my blog is still "active".  I've not been quite sure how to answer that!  :)   The information is just as relevant today as when I wrote the first article back in 2008.  And I still get emails every single week from people asking very specific advice for their horse and I do my best to personally respond to each one through email.  Sooo...with that in mind, I guess the answer would be YES! The blog is still very, very active.

On THAT note, because every thing I've posted here and all of the emails I answer each week are a donation of my personal time without compensation, any amount you care to toss into my "tip jar" through the Paypal donate button over in the right hand column will be most graciously appreciated!!  Hey! Even a dollar helps!  :)

Thank you to all you loyal followers and to those who write me to tell me how helpful my blog has been. That was (and still is) my goal.
Stay in touch!
With much love,

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Please feel free to email me your horse questions and I'll do my best to answer them or at least point you to someone or someplace that can. (Scroll down to the "About Me" section and click on "View my complete profile" to send me an email) I look forward to hearing from you! ~Melanie